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Do you want to buy Google voice accounts? We are providing best and high quality Google voice accounts at reasonable price. The Google voice Communities tab gives people your customers included a place to gather with one another and discuss almost anything, including your products and brand offering.

When you create your own Community, it has the potential to become an invaluable resource as it allows you to get feedback and engage with your customers in a personal and meaningful way. What’s more, all of the content posted within a Community page (whether public or private to invited members) is indexed by Google search.


Compared to posts on your Google voice page, Google voice Community updates should be a longer and more conversational, with more detail on a specific topic or a fuller explanation of the content you are sharing; something like you might see on a web message board, for example, complete with a question to finish in order encouraging feedback.

To create a Community, simply select the Community tab in the sidebar of Google voice, and then click ‘Create A community’ from the “Yours Tab”. Don’t forget to tell your fans and customers that it exists, and encourage them to get involved. In addition to setting up your own Community, search for Communities within your business sector or niche and actively participate in them to make connections, share expertise, and set yourself up as an authority figure.


Once you are an established member of a Google voice Community, you begin to share content you have created regularly, to encourage more views and engagement with it. Carrying out this kind of self-promotion is okay when you are new to a community, but you don’t want to do it too often and risk coming over as spammy and unprofessional, which could eventually get you blocked from the Community altogether.

Buy Google voice verified accounts at cheap. Make use of Google’s free video-conferencing feature, Google Hangouts, to reach and interact with potential new customers and professional connections. You can use Google voice Hangouts for all manner of purposes, from product demos to interviews, to live webinars (with screen-sharing), private meetings or pretty much anything else you can think of.

Hangouts are a fantastic way to connect to your peers and extend your brand’s reach, and particularly valuable if your business is not in a position to invest in an expensive webinar or online meeting software. While you can only have 10 participants actively on video, you can stream the video to an unlimited number of viewers on YouTube using the Hangouts on Air feature, and the video is saved to your YouTube account for anyone to view at a later date.

The most successful Hangouts are those planned in advance, both content and promotion-wise. Spread the word far and wide. To set up a Google Hangout choose between video, telephone, or text chat, and then use the custom-generated link to invite others to join. Take advantage of the visual nature of Hangouts to impart information, and use as many tactics as you can think of to find an audience (informing Google voice Communities, telling fans and customers on other social networks, writing a blog or email newsletter, paid promotion, etc.).

Completed Hangouts can be published as a video to your YouTube channel and, if they’re long, people who weren’t there to watch it live may not be as compelled to stick around for the entirety of the recorded broadcast. To make their viewing experience easier, mark each distinct topic of discussion with a timestamp in the video description.


Think about timestamps as an interactive table of contents for your Hangout. Timestamps use the format of HH:MM: SS, where HH, MM, and SS, equals hours, minutes and seconds respectively. When someone clicks on the timestamp, the player automatically jumps to that location in the video. For example, typing “Discussing summer promotion 01:22:33” would create a link that, when clicked, jumps to 1 hour 22 minutes, and 33 seconds. Note: As a way to grow your Hangouts.

On Air audience for the future, submit your recordings to the directory at Hangouts on Air Shows. HOAShows is one of the more regularly updated Hangouts On Air directories, and also a great place to find other great Hangouts On Air to join. Visit the Google voice Hangouts page at to see what Hangouts are happening live right now.

Test, measure and apply As with all social media, the key to finding what strategy works best for your business on Google voice is to try experimenting with different types of posts and Hangouts and seeing what your followers engage most. Measure your performance via Google Analytics, as this is key to gaining more meaningful insights into your followers’ behavior towards your activity. To focus specifically on the progress of custom campaigns and referral traffic, use Goals in Google Analytics in conjunction with giving links custom URL.

All Google voice Pages with 1000 or more followers can take advantage of Google voice Post Ads, which enable you to display Google voice posts on relevant third party sites across the

Buy Google voice accounts instant delivery. Google Display Network, i.e. on websites, not within Google search results. These posts are fully interactive, meaning anybody logged into their Google account can give a +1, comment, or share the post without leaving the page on which it is hosted. The power of Google voice Post Ads is in their social influence compared to the traditional image or video ads.

The theory is that someone is much more likely to engage with a Google voice Post “ad” with lots of +1s and comments (that they can see people similar them already like), then they would be clicking on an ordinary website advert. The other big benefit, of course, is that Google voice Post Ads allows people from across the web to see and interact with your Google voice content without being on the social network’s website.