If you want to buy Facebook account, then you will get the best and high quality phone verified Facebook account from Instant PVA. Facebook is the most visited social network in the world, with more than 1 billion users on desktops and mobile devices.


As the king of social networks, your audience will definitely be there. Use these tips to build, brand and market your business on Facebook and attract a large number of highly engaged customers. Facebook Business Page Setting Strategies Before you dive in and start posting on Facebook, take some time to lay a solid foundation to help you properly build a complete image and impress fans when they find you.


Let’s get started and turn your little Facebook corner into a destination that people can visit regularly. When you create a Facebook page instead of a profile when you log in to Facebook, a personal timeline is assigned to it by default. Personal timetables are often expressed as profiles and are regional units designed for personal non-commercial use.

In order for your business to take advantage of everything Facebook promotion has to offer, you must create a separate Facebook Page. Facebook Pages looks like a personal timeline, but provides information and advertising tools. Pages don’t require a separate Facebook account and no separate login information for the timeline.

You can create a Facebook page in one of three ways: by looking for “Create Page” in the search bar at the top of the site, or by clicking the highest “Create Page” button in an existing Facebook page. If you are currently using your personal timeline to perform business functions, Facebook may find and close your account without notice. To give you the opportunity to correct this error, Facebook provides a tool to turn your personal timeline into a business page.


Buy old Facebook PVA account at affordable price here. When you convert your personal account to a Facebook page, your current profile picture will be transferred and all your friends on your profile will switch to fans who like your page. In addition, the username of your account will be the username of your page, and the name associated with your personal account can also be the name of the page, and you can change this name if you want me to explain in the next tip.


Will be taken to a new page, so if you want to keep it, make sure to download an archive of this data through your profile settings. If you are currently using your profile for mixed purposes to achieve the original purpose of interacting with friends and family, but incorrectly used for business purposes, the best way to avoid getting into trouble is to stop all personal business activity timelines To create a separate business page.

Encourage your audience to disconnect from your personal account, then go to places that like your new page so they can stay up to date. Although building a Facebook Page is critical for businesses on Facebook, there are several ways to use a private timeline (in a non-commercial approach) to interact with customers and customers on a more personal level.

We will now move to the “Personal Facebook Profile to Promote Business” section at the end of this chapter. Keep Your Facebook Page Name Short; Compass Right Main Time! If possible, try to keep your Facebook page name as short as possible, as it will help if you form a Facebook ad, as the headline space (usually the name of the page) in the ad is only banned from 25 character.


If you like fewer than 200 Facebook pages, you can only change its name manually, so make sure you are happy with yourself. If you are not satisfied with your page name and can edit it, go to the “About” tab below the page cover photo. Changing the name of a page will not affect its username or page Internet address.


Get a custom Facebook Internet address for your Facebook page set a secret computer address for your Facebook page (available after you get 25 “likes”), rather named after your brand. This will make it easier for you to inform people of the way to implement your Facebook Page.

Accept it carefully, because in the future you can only change this URL once (via the About tab), otherwise you will have to delete your Page and start over-if you design a super fan, this will be unwise base! To reach the threshold of 25 fans who already care about you and your full version, go to the “Like” your page via the “Promotion” menu at the top of your Facebook page.

Fill in the business information precisely and in detail. In the “Related” section of the Facebook page, fill in your business details as much as possible, as well as the address, contact information, product information, website (add multiple URLs, and separate them in the website box with a comma) Middle) and link to other social profiles. Try to fill these segments to make your pages useful to customers, because they will see all your basic information in one place, and keyword-rich snippets are good for search engine optimization (SEO) because the text in the “About” section Is indexed by Google.

Make sure you reflect the categories of food you offer and convert them to PDF with menus for purchasers to browse, or if you are in the United States or Canada; you can add menus from a single platform.

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